As part of the efforts to achieve its core objectives, MESHI has carried out or implemented some key activities as follows:

1. Implementation of Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism Resilient and Sustainable System for Health (GF C19 RM RSSH) Project 2022 – 2023.
2. Partnered with African Fashion Show of Australia to celebrate 2023 World Malaria Day in Anambra State, Nigeria.
3. MESHI was engaged by Malaria Consortium to create increased awareness during the 2022 Insecticide-treated Nets (ITN) Mass Campaign in Anambra State, July-August 2022
4. In 2021, MESHI commenced implementation of the Community Rights and Gender Malaria Project. It conducted Community Diagnosis in three (3) communities in Anambra State. It has also commenced Advocacy to critical stakeholders towards addressing issues observed during Community Diagnosis.
5. The organization in JUNE 2013 entered into partnership with the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) and the Centre for the Elderly, Youth and Family Development (CEYFAD) who are the Principal recipient and Sub-recipient of the Global Fund project to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), respectively, to implement the project in Anambra State. The health intervention project referred to as the Global Fund Round 9 phase 2 Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) was implemented by the organisation in Awka North and Awka South using Global Fund designated Health Facilities. The Organisation conducted monthly outreaches for Demand Generation in selected communities in Awka North and Awka South where patients with signs of these diseases (HIV, TB and Malaria) and pregnant women were referred to Primary Health Centres (PHC) and to Secondary Health facilities for severe cases for proper diagnosis and treatment. Patients diagnosed with Tuberculosis were sent immediately to TBL Awka to start their treatment. Several people have been diagnosed and many have successfully completed their treatment regimen for the disease. These Projects was aimed at maximizing the utilization of Primary Health Centres and subsequently reduce the transmission and burden of these diseases.
6. The organization also partnered with Society for Family Health (SFH) in 2013, for the implementation of the Global Fund malaria Project in Anambra. The organisation implemented this project in seven local governments Areas of the state which include Dunukofia, Anambra East, Anambra West, Oyi, Ayamelum, Awka North and Awka South. The project involved the creation of awareness/ sensitization on malaria control and prevention, free Rapid Diagnostic test (RDT) and free treatment with Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (ACT). To implement this project in the state, the organization obtained a written permission (Letter of Consent) from the State Ministry of Education to carry out this project in all secondary Schools in Anambra State. Sensitization and Rapid Diagnostic test (RDT) on malaria and free treatment with ACTs for malaria-positive patients were carried out in public and private schools, Churches, Parks and markets in the State. In order to engage the youths and create awareness, we carried out sensitizations in secondary schools in the state where the students were educated on the prevention and control strategies for HIV, TUBERCULOSIS and Malaria. Malaria clubs were formed in most of the schools in order to instil the culture of using long lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) in the upcoming generation of the youths.
7. We at malaria Eradication and Safe Health Initiative of Nigeria (MESHI) recognizes the influential capacity of the media in dissemination of health information to the masses and the capacity to induce change in behaviour, we have partnered with UNIZIK FM radio station to periodically discuss malaria, its dangers, preventive measure and the need to constantly utilize the Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) among people.
8. In 2004 during the World Malaria Day, MESHI partnered with the Malaria Control Unit of the Anambra State Ministry of Health to carry out a Road Show in Awka and mounted a drama on malaria for the participants/ audience.

We at Malaria Eradication and Safe Health Initiative of Nigeria (MESHI) recognized the essential role being played by Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in the provision of essential drugs and treatment thereby assisting communities to achieve their health goals. We therefore established good relationship with the staff of all Global Fund designated health facilities and trained them on how to manage our client information in order to facilitate follow up and tracking when needed. We were also involved in the empowerment of Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in the allocated LGAs through supply of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) and made recommendations for the supply of laboratory equipment and training of at least a staff in selected Global Fund designated Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in diagnosis of tuberculosis to facilitate the implementation of the project. This led to the supply of Laboratory equipment worth millions of naira to Isiagu Primary Health Centre in 2013.

In demonstration of our commitment to contribute in the improvement of public health, we at the Malaria Eradication and Safe Health Initiative of Nigeria (MESHI), have been deploying our members to assist in several health intervention programmes in the state, for instance, during the last Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) by the Anambra State Malaria Control Booster Project, members of the organization were trained and engaged as Spray operators, Store keepers and team leaders in various communities in Awka north and Awka South.
Also during immunization programmes such as Integrated Measles Campaign (IMC) and Oral polio vaccines, National immunization plus days (NIPDS) and Maternal Newborn Child Health Week (MNCHW), members from the organization worked as independent monitors and observers and our recommendations have been useful in improving the exercise in the state especially in enhancing compliance and handling bottle necks.
During the 2014 Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets( LLIN) replacement campaign in the State, members of the organisation were involved in the micro planning and data collection working as supervisors in Awka North and Aguata LGAs and also worked as supervisors and independent monitors during the distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets ( LLIN).
In the recently concluded Meningitis A Africa Vaccination program (MenAfriVac), the organization was actively involved in the monitoring and supervision of the exercise in Anambra East LGA.
In the ongoing Impact assessment of malaria control interventions in the state by Anambra Malaria Control Booster Project (ANMCBP) and World Bank, consultants being Hanovia Medical Consultant Ltd, the organisation deployed some of its staff as Medical Assistants and Enumerators to participate in the exercise for data collection from Households, Communities, Primary Health Facilities and Primary Health Facility Workers as well as Community Directed Distributors (CDD) and Patent Medicine Vendors (PMVs). Reports of these exercises have been submitted to relevant authorities.
Also MESHI NIGERIA as partnered with Hanovia Medical Consultant Ltd and World Bank in the Follow-up and Baseline Study of the Nigerian SURE-P Maternal and Neonatal Child Health Initiative of Nigeria (MNCH), in a survey of midwives, mothers who has delivered not more than three months conducted in the 36 states of Nigeria. MESHI recognises the need for development of human capacity thus carried out a baseline survey in 2014 during the World Aids Day (Stigma Ends with You) to determine the rate of youths involvement in crime and prostitution in Awka City Anambra State which amounted to lack of job availability . This is thus driving MESHI to engage the services of professionals in different craft to create job opportunity for the disadvantaged youths.

The organization participates in Ward development meetings in communities where the projects are being implemented and the community leaders were encouraged to key into the projects and encourage the community members to become volunteer staff in order to ensure its sustenance and ownership as well as reduce the burden of the diseases in the community. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were also conducted among community members to assess their knowledge gap that may be contributing to the transmission and burden of Tuberculosis (TB), HIV and Malaria diseases.
As a member of the Association of Civil Societies in Malaria, Immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN), the Organization participates in sensitization of pregnant women and nursing mothers on the benefits of good nutrition and immunization in communities.

The organization participates in Cluster meetings and Co-ordination meetings involving other NGOs to share knowledge and lessons learnt from different aspect of their activities for improvement in health intervention programmes in order to sustain a continuous reduction in the burden of these diseases.

Prepared and signed by the Executive Director MESHI, Prof. Dennis Nnanna Aribodor 08036675293

Our Mission


Our mission is to use every available resources and man power towards combating the scourge of malaria and other diseases that plague mankind with the aim of achieving a safe and a healthy living in the society.

Our Vision


To be the foremost nongovernmental organization (NGO) in the fight against malaria and other diseases of public health importance.